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Need something a little sweet? 


Dark Milk, 66% Cacao - 1.25 oz

"When you start with single origin cacao beans, treat them with care, and add quality sugar and milk, you get a fantastic dark milk bar — one with as much depth of flavor as our dark chocolate bars. Explore your dark milk side!" 

Espresso Chocolate Bar - 1.25 oz

"Ranger’s Espresso Chocolate Bar strikes a balance between two of our most beloved items on the planet — chocolate and espresso. We collaborated with some of the best coffee roasters in Portland to produce a warm and welcoming bar."


Mayan Chocolate Bar - 1.25 oz

"Adventure Series explores our desire to always try something new. This bar is influenced by the ancient Maya culture from Mesoamerica. The Mayan people are known to have combined cacao (“ka’kau”) with spices and chile peppers to produce the “drink of the gods.” With this bar, we honor the traditional ingredients found in their ancient drink, blending them into a unique chocolate experience. We finished this bar by adding unrefined raw ka’kau to enhance flavor and texture."