Baking with Whole Grains : whole grain scones - Thurs May 25th @ 6pm


Baking with Whole Grains : whole grain scones - Thurs May 25th @ 6pm


In this introduction to baking with freshly-milled whole-grain flour, we will use scones as our canvas to explore the adventure of experimenting with these diverse grains. Scones are a great place to jump in, as they are quite versatile and also allow the grain’s flavor-profile to shine. You’ll go home with a batch of unbaked scones, a bag of freshly milled flour, a belly full of snacks and a wealth of information. Let’s learn, play and eat together!

Expect to come away from this class with a grasp of...

  • The flavor profiles of different grains and how to pair them with various ingredients when baking

  • The history of commercial wheat, the preservation and resurgence of heirloom grains, transitional farming, local grains & local food networks

  • Basic pastry science

  • Scones demystified - the do’s and don’ts of baking scones

  • How to setup your hobby baker’s kitchen  

  • The element of experimentation and FUN involved in baking with whole grains -- expect the unexpected, roll with the variability, delight in the surprises

Coffee and snacks provided

Taught by head pastry chef, Patty Seward and long-time employee & hobby baker, Lee-Ellen Reed

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